# How do I get to Egypt ?

Egypt can be reached by air or sea. The main airport of entry is Cairo, but there are also direct flights from Europe to Alexandria, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh. By sea, you can arrive through any of its main ports: Alexandria Port Said Ismailia, Nuweibah, etc.

# What regulartions are there concerning entry visas and passport validity?

All visitors to Egypt must hold a current passport with at least 6 months validation. Visas for a stay of one month may be obtained from all Egyptian Consulates or upon entry to Egypt. (for most nationalities) Visas are required by all visitors to Egypt. Contrary to popular belief, the Embassy of Egypt advises all travelers to procure their visa prior to entry into Egypt. It still remains possible for nationals of some countries to procure their tourist visa upon arrival at Cairo International Airport.

# Are Credit Cards usually accepted?

Credit cards like American express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in most tourist establishments.

# Are there generally service charges or 'tips'?

The popular 'baksheesh.' Remember that in Egypt, you pay 'baksheesh' for rendered services, and the amount is up to you. Your tour guide will be glad to help you determine appropriate tips when necessary.

# What is the climate like and what clothing should I wear?

Egyptian summers are hot and dry while the fall and winter seasons are moderate and the spring season windy. Some rain falls along the coast.. Light cottons and comfortable shoes are recommended for the hot summer months. Hats, Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended for protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Egypt is religious country; therefore, modest dress is essential. Short dresses should be avoided, particularly when visiting religious sites such as mosques.

# What is the domestic transportation like in Egypt?

There's a very good system of public and private transport in Egypt. Buses and minibuses are cheaper and operate throughout the country. The 5000 km of rail connects just about every town in the country from Aswan to Alexandria. Taxis can be found easily in the main towns and cities.

# Can we rent a car with a driver?

You can easily hire a car with a driver.

# Will there be many photo opportunities?

Egypt is a fascinating and magnificent country to photograph. You are allowed to take pictures inside many tombs and temples. A photography fee is often to be paid at the ticket office, prior to entering some exhibits. These fees are not included in the tour package price.

# Is there a "best" time to visit Egypt?

 The best time of the year to travel is between November and March, when the temperature is comfortable for traveling the span of Egypt. The summer offers you some savings due to the fact that the hotels and cruises may offer more economical rates.